The name of the Blog is "Indian Fashion and Lifestyle".

We have the tag line which says "Teen to 30 stuck in between". By this we mean that we will talk about everything which you do or you wish to do when in age 13 to 30. Right from fashion to beauty , food to fitness, everything you do which is a part of your lifestyle. We understand how much important are relationships in one's life. Hence we have a dedicated section which talks about solely relationships. 

This is about my blog.

Now a little about me. I am a software engineer working in an MNC. I have a busy schedule but the love of writing keeps me on my toes always. I try to publish at least one post daily and sometimes two. I have a few friends who help me with my blog like I have a think tank friend who helps me out with writing, a photographer friend who helps me with pictures and a few more so we make a good team to serve you the best. 

I try to reply to queries of my dear readers at just that moment.  All I can promise from this fashion and lifestyle blog is, it will be your daily dose of makeup/beauty advices, relationship advices, fitness and much more to come.

 Drop your comments as that gives motivation to write better.

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  1. "Teen to 30 stuck in between" love the tag line and happy to have found your blog! It has so much to offer:))