Restaurant Review : LOFT, Viman Nagar, Pune

You already know how much I love food and I know you are also crazy for food. So today I am here with another restaurant review "LOFT" which is in viman nagar , Pune. Pune is "THE COMFORT CITY" When you talk about good lifestyle, good money and quality time for family then you plan to settle down in pune. Well we will talk about pune, its beauty and other attractions later lets talk about something which you and I both love! Guess what ? Good Food. So I heard bunch of people planing to hangout at LOFT in my office and they were so excited to visit loft that there excitement made me curious about LOFT. Hence I decided to visit loft with my friend on Saturday evening for some snacks and fun.

Lets talk about the ambiance first! Loft wins my heart here. This restaurant has some great things like you paddle your smoothie cycle and your smoothie is ready, they have board games, play station and library where you can sit, eat, read and relax! I would love to hangout with my friends and family here. The ambiance is very fresh and young.  The light and decor of the restaurant will keep you at ease. Trust me on this because I have been there for approx FIVE hours and even then we had loads of stuffs to talk about(see so much ease we were at :P.

FOOD!! Smoothies are great! You have one and you will feel the urge to have more. Black coco shake and chocolate shrewsbusy shake are one of my favorites among the rest. Butter paneer tikka subs tasted like great , bread was soft and fresh and stuffing was also good. Pasta Alfredo was creamy and thick. Portion was as enough as a meal. There were few other things which I tried from the menu like chicken wings, cheesy corn & spinach sub. and ice tea which tasted great as well .

Overall the place is amazing! Go hangout with your friends and family to a place which is so innovative not only in terms of food but also in ambiance.



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