You already know how much I love food and I know you are also crazy for food. So today I am here with another restaurant review "LOFT" which is in viman nagar , Pune. Pune is "THE COMFORT CITY" When you talk about good lifestyle, good money and quality time for family then you plan to settle down in pune. Well we will talk about pune, its beauty and other attractions later lets talk about something which you and I both love! Guess what ? Good Food. So I heard bunch of people planing to hangout at LOFT in my office and they were so excited to visit loft that there excitement made me curious about LOFT. Hence I decided to visit loft with my friend on Saturday evening for some snacks and fun.

Majority of the people in today’s day lead lifestyles which cause a lot of strain on their back. Working behind a desk all day is the major part of most of the jobs, and this in turn makes problems like chronic back pain a common ailment. In fact, chronic back pain is among the major causes of disability in the world. This is why it is necessary to be careful while choosing a sofa set or a mattress. The build and material of the furniture has a major impact on a person’s posture, and muscle health. There are certain things a person should always consider before they are purchasing a mattress or sofa set to avoid back pain. Five of the main things to consider are,

1.    The firmness: The firmness of the material of the sofa set or the mattress plays a major role in avoiding and alleviating back pain. It is a common misconception that extremely firm mattresses are the best mattresses for back pain. Recent surveys and research have found out that the people who sleep on extremely firm mattresses are more likely to have back pain. These kind of mattresses or sofas prevent the spinal cord of the person to properly relax, which in turn causes stiffness and pain. The spine is prevented from relaxing into its natural shape which causes pressure points to develop. Thus, sleeping on a too firm mattress or sitting on a too firm sofa can cause back pain.

2.    The softness: While too firm a mattress is not ideal for one’s back, the same can be said for too soft mattresses also. A very soft mattress or sofa can cause the intermediate area on one’s spine to sag. This not only leads to poor posture, but chronic back pain. This is why the latest sofa designs make sure that the base material is not too soft. The ideal mattress should be a perfect balance between soft and firm. It should be built in such a way that the heavier parts of our back like the hips and shoulders are allowed to relax and sink down into the mattress, and the other areas are lying just on top of the mattress. This makes sure that the spine retains its natural curved shape, and is not stressed.

3.    The size: Although it seems obvious, it is quite common for people to forget to take into account their height while choosing a mattress or a sofa set. When we are relaxing, it is ideal to keep our joints relaxed. Crouching while sleeping or sitting because of space issues can lead to back pain in the long run. Thus, one should always make sure that the mattress or sofa set they are buying are compatible with their height to avoid back pain.

4.    The longevity: A lot of mattresses and sofa sets tend to sag and lose their shape over time. Sleeping on a mattress that is disformed is not only uncomfortable, but also it can create a lot of problems for out back. This is why one should always consider the longevity of the material with which their mattress or sofa set is built. For example, while memory foam can seem like a lucrative option, it has extremely poor longevity.

5.    Reviews: The quality of a mattress or a sofa set cannot be properly perused until and unless it is actually used. This is why it is always important to check the reviews before buying one. Through the reviews, you can get an idea about the longevity of the material, the overall feel, the comfort quotient, and the customer satisfaction provided by a particular mattress or sofa set.

Thus, there are certain things we should always keep in mind while buying a sofa set or a mattress, if we are to avoid back pain. The size, quality, feel, material, build of the product must be properly checked to obtain the latest sofa designs and best mattresses for back pain.