Eat like no one is watching.

Are you a foodie? Of course you are! We love food and want to explore more options in food to satisfy our taste buds. This hunger took me to Noida Bar Exchange. When you go to the mall with friends for fine dine yet a youthful place where you can chill you might not find it in game zone. But Noida bar exchange is like "a secret hideout" in Samaash. You have food and drinks over meaningful and meaningless conversation with friends. This restaurant is inspired by the concept of "stock exchange" and converted it to "bar exchange". The prices of beverages changes with increase and decrease in demand. They also have screens which display the rates of the beverages which start from lowest Rs40/- and then goes up according to the demand. 

When I talk about the ambiance of the restaurant, the seating area is pretty decent with LED screens which displays the current price. They also have an online application which you can download on your Android/iPhone and can check rates of the beverages. They don't have a dance floor but with great music, people were dancing in there groups at their seating area and having a great time. Staff is very supportive. 

Talking about the food, they have variety in starters which are served in good portion. We had peppery cheese bite, Thandai ke kabab, Mughlai chicken tikka, and tangdi kabab. Peppery cheese bite and Tangdi kabab were our favorite. They don't have many items in the main course. Overall the place is a great hangout place with friends with food and beverages available at a decent price.

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