Five budget brands in handbags

Definition of the budget might be different for different people but today I am here to share five brands which target the masses in India. They have handbags, clutches, wallets and sling bag for price range INR1000-INR3000/- With the changing trends in market and zeal to induce "fashion serum" in every individual, brands have come with their budget segment. And this season following five brands has topped our list to attract fashion diva in you by providing designer collection at an affordable price.

1: Lavie
Kangana Ranaut endorsing the collection did create buzz but what more this brand offered were quality and colors. Such pretty pastel colors which are fresh and young attracts me and I couldn't hold myself to buy one.

2: Baggit
Baggit handbag was my first branded handbag. This brand has a lot more to offer than just style and that is "quality". A handbag which refuses to go out of fashion and stays with you for a longer period of time then you know it's nothing but Baggit.

3: Zara
Sometimes it's different, sometimes it's just what you want, but it is always the trendsetter. This one bag you want to buy but will think twice before you buy. All I can tell you here your closet can afford one black Zara for sure which is equivalent to having LBD.

4: H&M
It all about class. If you are that classy diva who just knows how to slay every look then any handbag from this brand is going to compliment you.

5: Forever21
This is a girl turning to Lady handbag brand. Any bag from this brand is young, fresh and playful. If you own one bag from Forever 21 then you surely have that spark in you which make people turn twice and look at you.


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