Every other day at coffee table I hear people talk about being an entrepreneur and making their business large. But one thing I have always believed in is that a new idea is not always successful if it is not planned and worked around properly. When it comes to working on a new idea you have to calculate all aspects of growth and failure. Recently students of Pearl Academy, India’s leading institution in design, fashion, creative businesses and media showcased their ideas which were way beyond imagination. Padma Bhushan Dr M B Athreya, Indian Author, Educationist & Management Advisor spoke about 'creative marketing strategy'. He explained that self management model consist of eight important steps: Physical fitness, Calm maturity, Intellectual depth, Material Wealth, Spiritual values and Optimizing Human Potential. For an idea to grow all the above elements are important. Dr M B Athreya also enlighten students on the "KASH MODEL" which is:-

A-Attitude & Values
H-Habits of work and Life

Students presented their ideas which were not only practical but also need of the hour. There presentation was reflection of their creative thinking and eye to understand huge potential which luxury market has.

Chief Guest, Mr. Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Civil Aviation said, “I am delighted to see the student work and their creative business ideas. The creative business and luxury market offers huge potential for these students to be successful in their chosen domains. This generation of budding entrepreneurs is thinking about building a global size business and have those benchmarks. It is important to plan scalable business ideas to succeed. I am sure with all the brilliant training and education that you have got at Pearl Academy, all of you will play a significant role in what we call as making of a ‘New India’.

Presentation was followed by felicitation ceremony where students who have showcased their ideas at international level were felicitated. Pearl Academy has been one of those institutes which believes in bringing out creativity of students and give wings to there ideas.  After felicitation ceremony students discussed their research on Demonetization and its impact on the market with the panel.

The world know that pearl portfolio is all about creative minds and fashion beyond imagination. It is perfect blend of compassion and liveliness, innovation and creation. Students of pearl academy showcased their creativity in exhibition hall where threads of their imagination where weaved together to reality. Priya yadav who is student showcased creative pieces connected us to nature where Astha Jains's collection was contemporary and young. Fiszza showcased her conceptual wedding planning which was all about being quirky yet traditional and Anand Rati showcased innovation in recycled products. Plethora of ideas under one roof can only happen at a fashion school which believes in their students and let there imagination fly high.