Don’t be afraid of looking good. Be afraid of Not!

Don’t be afraid of looking good. Be afraid of Not!

I have always admired celebrities for their looks and the way they carry themselves. At times I used to wonder what they do to maintain themselves. The answer to this question and many others were given by VLCC. VLCC is a name known to all is mostly associated with slimming services. Not many people know that they are a pioneer in beauty and salon services as well. The Vampire facial which all celebrities swear was brought in India by VLCC. You ask me from where I get all this info?

Recently, we visited the plush beauty center of the brand at Vasant vihar for an experiential. During our experiential, we were briefed about the brand, its belief, and plethora of services they had to offer. We had super fun pampering time with pedicure and foot massage. The brand also enlightened us about the derma based treatment which is popular among women. Women these days are more conscious about skin and product which they are using to make it better.
In conversation at VLCC centre

VLCC is also expertise in PRP which is platelet-rich plasma where your blood sample is taken and applied to your face with derma rollers. This helps in cell growth which results in youthful appearance of your skin. If you are the one who wants celebrity like skin then now you know where you need the go. It was an amazing experiential with lots of chit chat and skin care education. Feeling excited? I have a discount coupon code for you. So enjoy the services at VLCC and stay beautiful.


  1. Hi5. I also recently visited the center and must say, the experience was great. The brief about the package and the whole session was so soothing and relaxing.