Don’t be afraid of looking good. Be afraid of Not!

I have always admired celebrities for their looks and the way they carry themselves. At times I used to wonder what they do to maintain themselves. The answer to this question and many others were given by VLCC. VLCC is a name known to all is mostly associated with slimming services. Not many people know that they are a pioneer in beauty and salon services as well. The Vampire facial which all celebrities swear was brought in India by VLCC. You ask me from where I get all this info?

Those difficult days...

Yes those difficult days come every month and bring a lot of uneasiness and discomfort. Especially if this those days if you have "UNPANNED" adventure trip with your friends, then what to do? Leave it or live with it! But with new whisper Ultra Soft you can be super active and enjoy to your fullest. Recently, I went to Rishikesh for adventure sport where we did rock climbing, repelling, bungee jumping, cliff jumping. When my super active friends told me on Friday evening that we are going to Rishikesh tonight, I was feeling that why today, as theses were those difficult days? Can’t we plan a week later? But they didn't agree and I took a call that yes I am going. I packed by bag in 5min and packed whisper ultra soft as well. We were awake all night travelling in the bus which was not a comfortable journey at all but yes things became easy with whisper. Want to know the details of the product? Read below: