Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer review

Life is moving faster and faster and we want to achieve our goals as soon as possible. We want to look our best every time we step out of our house. But at times it becomes challenging to visit the salon for getting the job done because of long waiting lines. What if you get salon at home? Sounds impossible? I bet its not!

Recently, while going through the products online I came across Veet sensitive touch beauty trimmer and I was curious to know what the product is offering. With this product you can trim hair from your sensitive body parts with precision. When I talk about the packaging of the product it is compact and travel friendly. It can easily fit into my handbag for quick touch-ups whenever I need. It has two sided trimming head and comb attachment (2mm to 4mm) for face which helps in trimming precisely. It has 20mm trimming head for other body parts.

I am a messy girl and I am always in hurry. I was looking for a product which I can use carelessly and this trimmer is one such product. I had to go to my friend's wedding and I had no time to visit the salon. Hence, trimmer to my rescue. I used the trimmer to shape my eyebrows and the results were great. I just saw the DIY video of the product on veet's website and I was able to trim my brows in no time. This is a self handle device which becomes your life's savior when you cant go to salon. You can easily do your upperlips with the product and there will be no rash or cuts. For desired eyebrow length, you have to first trim them and then shape them with high precision end. Touch skin lightly and push it across and the job is done.

This is one product after my lipbalm which has made a permanent room in my handbag. This is so convenient and painless. The new hair which grow are not poky, this makes this product win brownie points. I like this product as it going to make me look pretty in difficult times and who doesn't like caring parlor in handbag.