My mom always says: "the best foundation you can ever wear is glowing healthy skin." It is very easy to achieve a glowing healthy skin but to maintain it is a real tough job. It gets tougher when winters are in there full colors. As we enter January, first month of the new year, cold soothing breeze of winters gets harsh on your skin making it dry and cakey. Even beauties blessed with oily skin have a tough time fighting brutal and merciless cold winds.

In winters we tend to ditch our monthly beauty regime because waxing is super painful.Like few of us I swear by waxing no matter how much it pains. One way to fight the pain is to bath the area in warm water before you start waxing. All you need to take care is the area you are about to wax should be dry. Regular waxing exfoliates and encourages renewal of skin cells. It also ensures finer hair texture in new growth. You don't need to step out of your house in cold winters instead with Veet Cold Wax Strips you can get smoother skin at home. It just so easy to apply and pull it off. No need to wait in lines in the salon in this freezing weather, stay cozy at home and remove any unwanted hair.

Beauties I know few of us just can't bear the pain of waxing. And now you wonder 'How you can get beautiful silk smooth skin even in winters?' Even I have asked this question to myself so many times. Then my crazy sassy roommate told me "Why don't you try Veet hair removal cream and ditch the pain?" After using it, I experienced good results and silk soft skin. Hair removal creams are easy to use and you don't need to book an appointment in the salon for getting the job done. You can maintain your pain free beauty regime even in super chilling winters with Veet. Veet hair removal cream comes with goodness of shear butter which will help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized upto 24 hours. Veet cares for your skin, and knows that different skin types need a different hair removal cream. So Veet has variants for normal, sensitive and dry skin types, with ingredients like acai berries, aloe vera and shea butter.

As girls we have taken an oath to achieve and maintain clear beautiful skin. Why backing off in winters when veet is here for rescue? Pretty ladies flaunt your sexy legs wearing your LBDs every winter weekend and enjoy!

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