Eating without thinking with DineOut

Good food EQUALS TO Good mood.

I am a foodie and I strongly believe that good food can bring a smile to your face. My mom used to say: Way to a man's heart is via his tummy and I feel it’s the same for girls as well. If a man wants to win my heart he should know cooking :P If he doesn’t know how to cook then definitely he should know the best restaurants in town. As Valentine’s season is just round the corner I am sure your guys would be planning something nice for your bae and would want to spend quality time, BUT where?? Let me help you guys... DineOut is the Answer!

DineOut is celebrating "Great Indian Restaurant Festival" from 1-10 of Feb where you can enjoy having delicious food at India's leading restaurants. There is more to the news... And you ask me what? It’s Flat 50% off the food bill. You guys know I am a big time foodie and I just can’t hold myself from trying out cuisines and exploring food joints. This time my stop was none other than "Raftar gastro pub and bar" This restaurant is situated in Punjabi bag and has swag of Punjabi. Saturday Night in raftar did give "raftar" to the weekend. We had following dishes and they were served warm and tasted really nice.

So, guys just don’t miss the chance to spend amazing evening with your loved ones at your favorite restaurants and enjoy huge discount on food bills. Download dineout app now and enjoy "Eating without thinking with DineOut".

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  1. Sure will check it out. Great sharing.