Spread warmth this winter with Ezee Hugs

A hug makes everything better than 1000 words. 
So true!! 

As you know winters are here in full swing and in Delhi they are harsh and cruel. Many people who cannot afford basic amenities struggle to survive merciless winters. Liquid detergent brand, Ezee has taken this initiative where the brand donates woolens to underprivileged. This initiative of spreading warmth with Ezee hugs in chilling winters is a small step towards making a huge difference.  

Recently, students of FMS,Faculty of Management studies extended their support by not only donating their woolens but also spreading a word. Students were extremely enthusiastic in being a part of the noble cause as they believe that "Hugs are ezee and everybody needs one". Ezee plans to spread warmth to over 20 million underprivileged kids and help them fight harsh winter breeze. 

The idea of Ezee hugs is so exciting and wonderful that I felt I want to give "jadoo ki jhappi" in the form of warm, Ezee Hugs to the underprivileged. I urge you all to take this initiative forward by donating your old woolens and spreading warmth this winter. The most exciting part of the campaign is that donated woolens will be washed with ezee so that it is clean, soft and comfy before it reaches the kids. The campaign inspires a sense of belonging through simple action of giving timeless joy and warmth to children in need. 

So, what are you waiting for, guys? Donate your woolens and spread the warmth. You will find more details regarding the campaign on their website www.ezeehugs.com 

Happy winters! 

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