Looking for some lush green localities? Koramangala is the place for you!

Koramangala is one of the largest neighborhoods and now called the commercial hub of Bangalore, India. With wide tree-lined boulevard and posh bungalows, it is the most cosmopolitan in nature. Koramangala is considered by Bangaloreans to be one of the best and most happening places to live in and is one of the luxurious and populated places of Bangalore.

Here are some of the reasons as to why it is the most happening places in Bangalore:

1. Place of the night owls:

Koramangala has some of the meanest and mind numbing bistros and breweries. Filled with wide options to choose from, this reason is quite enough for the party animal in you to live in a place like this.

2. Top universities:

Koramangala is also a home to many educational institutions like St John’s Medical College, Amity Global Business School, IIPM, Jyothi Nivas College, Indian Institute Of Astrophysics, TAPMI, and so on.

3. Industrial sector hub:

It is a place full of commotion and people looking for new career opportunities, new experiences and a new life start for many. Many software companies like Infosys, Wipro, Siemens, Flipkart and so on are located in this suburb making the corporate life happening as well.

4. Best place to shop:

For all the shoppers out there, Koramangala is one of the best shopping hub in Bangalore to shop from. You will find everything from the lowest to the top brands here. From organic to inorganic food, shopping to laundry in Koramangala, it has everything for all people.

5. The most pet friendly locality:

If the above reasons weren’t quite enough, then we have another reason to give you. Koramangala is the also one of the most pet friendly places. If you’re a pet lover then this is literally the best place in Bangalore to live in. Not only will your dogs make new friends, but you too.

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  1. Good to know this. Looks great place.