Keep a check on your blood sugar level with Alere G1

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

I am a fitness freak and I just can’t miss my morning run in the community park. This morning I met Naina in the park. Naina, 21 years old lives in my neighborhood. We used to greet each other casually every morning until today I saw her in park sitting on the bench breathless. I reached out to her to understand if she is fine and if she needs anything, I was there for her help.

Naina is a diabetic patient. She is detected Type-2 Diabetes. She used to feel thirsty all the time and visited restroom frequently. Prolonged dizziness came as an alarm and she decided to get it diagnosed at the nearest doctor’s clinic. First test showed alarming results. She had joined college four months back. When I first met her she was full of dreams and desires but diagnosed as diabetic patient has killed the zeal to achive goals in her life.
Naina doesn't have family history of diabetes. So, her parents just didn't know how to motivate her. In initial few days her blood sugar level was difficult to control as she had to stay away from home. Her family doctor suggested her to use Alere G1, a glucometer which will help keep her a check on blood sugar levels. The test strip comprise 99.9% pure gold electrodes. Since Gold is best conductor of electricity,Alere G1 ensures very high accuracy. With type-2 diabetes you have huge risk of kidney failure which can be avoided if you are monitoring your blood sugar levels. Regular monitoring helps to evaluate whether or not you are meeting your overall treatment objectives because provides accurate results. It also helps in recognizing how other factors such as how stress affect your blood sugar. This blood glucose monitoring device can maintain up to 5 unique patient records. It has Automatic Strip Ejector for hygiene and infection prevention. It has widest measuring range which is 10-900mg/dL and gives results in just 5sec. Naina regularly records her glucometer readings to see the impact of food, activity and stress on her blood sugar levels.
Life is all about challenges and how we deal with them. Fighting diabetes is like fighting death every day and defeating it. Until this morning Naina was a friend but now she is an inspiration.

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  1. Great product for checking sugar level. Thanks for sharing.