A hug makes everything better than 1000 words. 
So true!! 

As you know winters are here in full swing and in Delhi they are harsh and cruel. Many people who cannot afford basic amenities struggle to survive merciless winters. Liquid detergent brand, Ezee has taken this initiative where the brand donates woolens to underprivileged. This initiative of spreading warmth with Ezee hugs in chilling winters is a small step towards making a huge difference.  

Recently, students of FMS,Faculty of Management studies extended their support by not only donating their woolens but also spreading a word. Students were extremely enthusiastic in being a part of the noble cause as they believe that "Hugs are ezee and everybody needs one". Ezee plans to spread warmth to over 20 million underprivileged kids and help them fight harsh winter breeze. 

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

I am a fitness freak and I just can’t miss my morning run in the community park. This morning I met Naina in the park. Naina, 21 years old lives in my neighborhood. We used to greet each other casually every morning until today I saw her in park sitting on the bench breathless. I reached out to her to understand if she is fine and if she needs anything, I was there for her help.

Shopping might be a fever for few, but for me it is addiction! When it comes to fashion I just can’t stop myself from adding latest collection in my closet. And when you hear about fashion in Hi-Definition, then you just have to EXPERIENCE IT! AerocityCentral is a name which is known to bring in the best fashion trends at affordable prices. 

Koramangala is one of the largest neighborhoods and now called the commercial hub of Bangalore, India. With wide tree-lined boulevard and posh bungalows, it is the most cosmopolitan in nature. Koramangala is considered by Bangaloreans to be one of the best and most happening places to live in and is one of the luxurious and populated places of Bangalore.

Yoga Book re-examines the roles of a Laptop and a Tablet, with Never-Before-Seen features like Instant Halo Keyboard, Dual-Use Stylus and Book UI

  • The Yoga Book is built keeping in mind the trends in computing and mobility needs of the on-the-go consumer
  • It hits the sweet spot between content creation and consumption, thus building on the limitations of a tablet as well as a laptop
  • The Yoga Book’s halo keyboard feature weaves software and hardware into one interface, allowing for a typing experience that far surpasses conventional tablets and matches that of physical keyboards
  • Drawing inspiration from the elegance and simplicity of notebooks, the Yoga Book’s real-pen accessory allows users to write and draw with pen and paper while instantly digitizing their notes and sketches
  • The Yoga Book’s thin and light design, 13-hour battery life and 360-degree watchband hinge gives its user the freedom to write and draw anywhere, matching the mobility of a smartphone and the versatility of a laptop
  • The Yoga Book comes with Windows 10 Pro with 4G SIM connectivity & 4GB RAM and will be exclusively available on Flipkart for INR 49,990/-