Buy less, choose well and do it yourself.

One difference between Fashion and Style is Quality.

I know it’s been a long time that we are here with a look shoot. Today we have for you style statement outfit for this fashionable season. I know you know we all know the way how fashion flows from the ramp to the market near you. And this season after palazzos, culottes are going to be your next fashion favourite. I was hopping from one fashion website to another and going through number of designer collection but couldn’t find one to satisfy my eyes. And then I landed on this website. While going through the collection on I felt I am going to empty my pocket buying almost every third thing and adding every second thing to my wish list. But thankfully, VG (a dear friend) help me choose one. Check out the pictures below:

Talking about the entire outfit you don’t need to add any accessories to it. You can just slip into these and move out. Be it business meeting or fashion show or friend's birthday party or just any party, this becomes right choice for all occasions. I have used red BAG which to colour block and add life to outfit. My bag has tassel hanging which I feel is fancy and I love them.  With this dress you don’t need to thing about a hair do as you can either make a messy bun or loose pony tail like I did and walk on street like a pro. Talking about the quality of the garment I like the cloth as it is light weight and feels like just a layer of skin over yours. I like the services of the website as i got the order in just ONE WEEK. I will local orders are delivered as fast as international orders.

I hope you like the look. Follow us on instagram for updates and if you are in search of fashionable outfit then you know is where you need to drop by.

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  1. I loved your style. Your bag is so cute.

  2. Aweosme look. Loved your style.