OOTD: Feel Lionized with John Players

It takes me to those days when I was in college. I was desire of many boys but I desired my senior. He was THE bad boy of my college. He had those killer looks and was always ready to pickup fights with people as he was the Leader. I don't know why but I secretly had serious crush on him. Everyone used to call him "Dada". I feel that it was his confidence and attitude to control people which attracted me the most.

Recently, John players organized an activity where in you can just walk into there store and customize your denim. You can say: " Your Denim your way". While checking out there new denim collection I was brainstorming what should be the right style and thought just stuck me what "Dada" would have looked like if he wore John Player's collection? And at that very moment I knew Gaurav's look is going to be Dada inspired look. 

Gaurav's look is biker's look who is insouciant, young,wild and rowdy. When it comes to styling we have used rugged denim and paired it with blue biker's jacket. We have added minimal accessories like a chain on side and elephant tooth tied in black thread in the neck. We have used a stroll which is tied in African fashion to make it look more like wayfarer. One thing I really like about Gaurav, is he gives you the liberty to experiment and carries it with confidence which helps you deliver your imagination in right manner. 

As winters are just round the corner, our second look is based on same theme. John Players have huge variety of pullovers , rugs and coats. We initially thought of giving Gaurav a Nawabi look but then we thought making his look more casual and jaunty. Henceforth, we have reused the same rugged denim(I just love rugged denims) with sweatshirt pairing them up with loafers.

We hope you like both the looks. We will be back soon with more look book shoots. For more pictures keep on checking our instagram. You can shop Gaurav's Look from John Players store. Also, they are available online on all shopping portals.

See you soon!

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  1. Like both looks. Awesome look. Thanks for the OOTD.