Decathlon comes to Gurgaon!

Decathlon is one name which has been favorite destination for buying sports equipment. I am sure many of you would agree to it.Recently I came to know that decathlon is coming up with there new store in Gurgaon and I just couldn't stop myself from sharing the news. Decathlon is one stop shop to buy sports equipment of various sports under one roof. You just think of something and you simply get it in decathlon.

I am not a big fan of cricket which is the most popular game in India. Specially, when it comes to buying a cricket bat, for me it is like finding a pin in darkness. But yes it was very easy at decathlon. Actually, the staff is well trained and they helped me understand about threading and oiling. They also explained the concept of choosing a cricket bat based on count of the grains. While having the conversation I was extremely impressed by there well trained staff and how easily they cleared my doubts. Actually, decathlon has interesting way of recruiting there staff. They hire people who are well versed with at-least one sport.

Decathlon caters to an array of more than 5000 products for 50 different sport. Decathlon source there products from places where a particular sport is played in masses and is tested in worst conditions. Before a sport equipment is placed on the shelf for sale, it is tested by people who are passionate for a that particular sport and are actively following it. They are given the equipment to test in worst of the condition and there feedback decides the destiny of the product to be available for the market or not. Decathlon welcomes feedback and suggestions from there customers to improve there product.

While I visited the store I ended up buying couple of sports equipment. When are you visiting decathlon to buy the ones you need to live your passion?


  1. Such a great post. Really it looks like a best destination.