Life without colour is lifeless. Colour impinges every moment and penetrates our dream. Scientists say that an eye of normal human can differentiate between 10 million colours.
Like full spectrum of colours, monochromatic colours are equally effective which provide huge range of contrast shades and tints that can be used to attract attention and create better ambience than multi colour schemes.
Monochromatic colours can be used in different shades (adding dark colours like black or grey) or tints (adding white to main colour) of a specific colour which are derived from single colour. It may be green, yellow, red, orange, mauve or even black. Monochromatic or single colour scheme is new talk of the town. You can convert a part of your living space to monochromatic or convert it completely.
Grey Sophisticated bedroom color scheme 

To nail the monochromatic look in your home, first look at the nature and feel the surroundings. Lush olive or shades of green, blue Sky, colours of Sun rise and Sun set, colours of Earth and colours of flowers can be chosen to get alluring environment. Choose any one colour, which reflects your personality and use various shades and tints of chosen colour. Think of a texture which can give depth to your room. Always keep in mind that depth can be created only with dark colours. Colour of the ceiling should essentially be white or painted in light colour which will reflect light from walls and all other objects present in the room so that the room looks larger in size. monochromatic orange style bedroom
Before you start decorating your home, work on various shades and tints of a colour. Design of upholstery fabric, texture of wall or floor carpet, tints or shades with prints of wall paper can be used to create beautiful interior. Colour scheme of artifacts, paintings to be displayed on walls and finally colour of the furniture with its placement should be in contrast to the background. Selection of a colour should be made keeping intensity and source of light in mind so that desired atmosphere can be created.
Use of monochromatic colour scheme in your home can be theme based. For example: blue may be moody or can express infinity as of the sky. Yellow is colour of joy and has highest reflectivity among all colours. It appears to radiate outwards and advance in contrast against blue. Green is for nature and is most ambivalent hue. Orange is one of the most popular colours in fashion industry. Orange is colour of the earth and is also associated with autumn and sun rise. Violet, a combination of red and blue, evokes heavenly delicacy and incomparable richness. Purple indicates depth of feeling and luxury.
Just choose the colour which matches your personality and start decorating your house of dreams.

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