EIMI Root shoot, Perfect me and Dry Me : Review

When I step out of my house the I want my hair to be simply perfect. But sometimes it happens that I don't have time to fix my hair and I just give myself an excuse that "Today is my bad hair day". Believe it or not in a social gathering or office meetings its our hair which do the talking. If your hair is messy then you are considered sensual and if it is neatly done then you are considered classy. When I came to know that wella is coming up with there EIMI range then I was super excited as I some how was convinced that I will have to no more give excuses to myself.

EIMI Root shoot(Precision Root Mousse): Root Shot provides a high precision weightless lift right from the roots.Perfect root lift is only a shot away with this mousse designed for precision application.

If you are the person who likes bounce in your hair then this is actually the right product for you. Shake properly and apply directly on damp hair and roots. It not only boost and voluminous your hair but also adds shine and improves texture of your hair. Divide your hair into section and then apply the product for better coverage.  

EIMI Perfect Me(Light Weight BB Lotion): Create natural style with smoothness with this delicate lotion that adds shine, repairs, moisturizes, tames flyaways and protects from the heat of styling tools.

This product is the one I have used many times and I am obsessed with it. I love to invest in a product which pampers my hair and make them softer and shinier. You have to apply the product in damp hair from mid-lengths to ends for best performance. Just blow dry or do the regular styling and you are simply going to love your hair :)

EIMI Dry Me(Dry Shampoo): Create volume and a manageable matte texture to achieve your look. Refresh your hair and absorb oil with this formula with Tapioca starch.

So, you just came back from work and you have to rush to a party. Need a fix for your hair? This is one product you want the most. I am one of those lazy and messy girls and I am usually rushing from here and there when I have to get ready. This product is "The ONE " for me. Shake the bottle well and shoot! It removes all the oiliness from the hair in just no time.

I am big fan of the entire EIMI range by Wella. I believe every girl should have these products in her vanity. You should check them out at-least once to learn there benifit

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