Organic Harvest Sunscreen SPF60 Review

I am a big believer that if you focus on skin care then you would not need a lot of makeup. First step towards skin care is applying sunscreen on your body. How many of you are sincer towards regularly applying sunscreen? I am sure not many... Many among us dont know which product is correct for us. Today, I am here with product review of sunscreen from organic harvest having SPF60.

Product Claims:
A sweat-resistant formula, it creates a shield on your skin to combat the harmful effects of UV-A & UV-B rays. Use it daily, before going out in the sun. Anti – Bacterial, Anti – Blemish, Anti Redness, Contains Aloe Vera, Contains Minerals, Contains Sun Protection, Contains Vitamins, Fragrance Free, Hyaluronic Acid, Hypoallergenic, Natural, Non-greasy, Oil Free, Organic, Paraben Free, Soap Free

Product comes in tight,sturdy plastic bottle which is travel friendly. The formula is thick and spreads evenly. It fells a bit heavy on the skin. It takes some time to get absorbed in the skin like around 15 minutes. It did not whitecast on my skin and I did not feel my skin to be oily. The product lives up to its claims of being sweat- resistant. The product has pleasent fragrance and stays for pretty decent time which is approx 4-6 hours. All you need is small quantity and you are sorted.


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  1. Sound is good. Thanks for the review.