Stylist Patrick Cameron talks about long hair and hairstyles

"Life is too short to have boring hair".

Agree girls?? We want to look different all the time. Every time we step out, hairstyle should be fun, fresh and sexy. We in India love long beautiful hair and then we just don't know what to do with them. Long hair is good and they can look excellent when styled properly.

Recently we were invited to talk to Patrick Cameron about high street hairstyle for long hair. He is working with wella from past 15 years. While sharing his views on long hairstyles Patrick shared few tips on how one should comb her hair and maintain them. While combing your hair one should start combing her hair from the bottom, then go in the middle and finally brush from the top to bottom. In this manner you will not pull your hair to break them.  He also suggested one should comb their hair when wet and not wait till they dry, this makes hair less prone to damage and are more manageable after they dry. He also mentioned about the serum from wella which smells like Luxury and makes hair shinny and bouncy. Consistency if the serum is great as small amount of product is needed for all your entire hair.

He also highlighted few quick hairstyles which were chic and fun. Yes you got those right, messy hairstyles for long hair. You want to know how did he do it?? Check the video below:

He also mentioned that high street fashion is full of braids and buns, so just have fun with your long hair and look different every time you step out of your home.

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