Inspirational Interiors from Asian Paints

Our home is reflection of our inner self. When we work on interiors of our home then we personalise the space according to our taste and requirement. We always want to inspire people with interiors of our home but actually we are inspired from bollywood movie interiors.

Recently, I met Shruti Gupte who is the imaginative brain behind movies likes Tare zammen Par, Ayesha and KhobhSurat. She explained the importance of the character, its mood and  interiors to fit into the frame of scene. While talking about movie Tare Zameen par she explained the character of darsheel, that his vision lies in beauty of nature, he has an eye to absorb life and paint them to showcase his thoughts. For such a character their is a wall in his room, which is a black board where he(the charachter) paints his thoughts and imagination. This added a little more depth to the character and helped in portraying its true nature.

In movie Aisha, character of sonam Kapoor is shopaholic, Edgy and flamboyant. To design her bedroom, one thing which was most important was that her bedroom should be dream bedroom for any girl in the world. Hence there were some fresh flowers to give feminine feeling to the room, walls were painted lavender with white curtains. There was extra space given to the wardrobe section to show the collection of dresses and shoes she poses because she is shopoholic.

Still from aisha where you can see her wardorbe behind.

We get inspired by the furniture, the walls  and accessories used to fill up spaces like big round mirrors. But what is important is that we have to use our sensibilities to decorate our place. Like in Aisha lavender was significant to portray her feminine nature likewise you choose a color which is soothing and refection of yourself. Just one tip from Shruti: " Don't over do it, balance out the shades" 
Confused?? How you will do it right? Experts from Asian paints will help you make your interiors reflection of yourself, they will guide you through the entire colour pallet and help you choose right colour for your space. 

Planning interiors?? Why thinking so much? Get inspired and inspire others with Asian paints.


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