“In This Industry Acting Doesn’t Matter”, Says Prachi Desai!

Prachi Desai is all set to make her comeback with Azhar. Recently, she gave an interview to an online portal where she revealed many things which will be shocking. When asked about why she took a long gap of 3 years then she said, "In this industry, acting doesn’t really matter – it’s everything else that you are in the news for which counts. I used to think that your performance and your roles take you ahead in your career, but I was proved wrong at one point of life. So this gap surely affects me adversely – out of sight is out of mind. Besides I’m not even the kind of person who will stay in news for the sake of it as I’m a very private person. I will not do things to just on hog limelight."

She also added," I think controversies are generated because they help actors to be in the news. It’s really sad that these things are more important than how you perform on screen. But I feel blessed that I don’t have to resort to such activities. I’m a normal person who has all the fun; it’s just that people don’t get to know of it ." What do you guys think about her thoughts? Do share your comments with us.


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