Angriest Whopper by burger King

Are you the angriest?? Did you try the angriest burger in town? Did you?? No!! How can you miss on something so HOT and ANGRY! Ok... Just relax... Hold your breath... Angriest Whopper , king of all burgers is here in town at Burger king outlet. 

Well, lots of chitty chitty chat chat for now, I recently visited burger king and to my surprise burger king has come up with there new burger "Angriest Whopper" in India. What makes the burger "angriest" is the red bun. Angriest Whopper is furiously delicious sandwich atop a fiery red bun baked with hot spices. Red bun will make you feel the heat inside and outside.  Unlike traditional burger it has a savory flame-grilled patties inside topped with cheese, onions, tomatoes, creamy mayonnaise and a spicy angry sauce. The burger is a meal in itself. It is 5inch burger and you need your both hands to enjoy the spiciness. 

Enjoy the burger with traditional fries with cheese and mango drink to complete your meal.

If you are the one who loves spices then do try out"Angriest  Whopper " as it is available for limited period of time.


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