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Shaadi.... Marriage..... Nikah.... Are just names for one eternal bond which is tied between two souls. Wedding is a month’s long preparations where bride and groom both are busy in wedding shopping with their friends and family. Hence post marriage shopping takes a backseat. While during wedding friends and extended family members bestow their blessings to the couple in form of gifts. Some gifts are useful and some gifts just get passed on from one wedding to another. While buying a gift for my dearest friend for her wedding I was so confused and so I thought I would ask her instead what she wants. Surprisingly she was so busy that she couldn't stick on to a single thing.

Image Courtesy: My dearest Friend Bhini Jain

While planning a wedding gift for bride and groom it becomes so difficult to pick and choose one thing. You feel every other thing available in the market is a need and that thing might have been already planned by her friends and family.
Confused?? Yeah... I recently came across this website named "ForMyShaadi" which plans a wedding gift for you.By planning a gift I mean you buy a gift today and it will be delivered any day you choose. It gives you variety options to choose a gift. Not only for the bride and groom but you can also choose a gift for your friends and extended family. As a bride or groom you can schedule gifts post 6months down the line on your wedding day or one day before your wedding day. Isn't it amazing! Everything is just available at click of a button.

Image Courtesy: My dearest Friend Bhini Jain

ForMyShaadi is an online portal where you can not only buy or plan gifts for your friends and family but also you can buy a voucher worth certain amount and gift to the couple which they can use for post marriage shopping which is usually unplanned. They have good brands on the list that you can shop.

Oops! Did I forget to tell you name of the website? Its

Log on to the website and shop what you want to gift the couple on their wedding day.

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  1. Great !! I liked this blog and as wedding season is going on , so i was looking for the unique website for wedding gift.
    Thanks for sharing this article.