India is rich in its heritage and culture. Punjab being a state contributes to keeping the legacy untouched. When we talk about fashion trends in India fashion flowing from Punjab has great influence. Today we will be talking about Punjabi fashion in Indian weddings.  Our Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers expert Nikita Mehra will be sharing some amazing ideas that you keep in mind while buying your jewellery.

Here are the ones you shouldn't miss out.
MangTikka: If you are wearing a Pink colour salwar suit and planning to pair it with an orange dupatta that will be taken over the head, then let the MaangTikka peep out and do the honours.

Nath: It is also known as a nose ring. It is an integral part of a bride’s attire. It is usually round in shape studded with gemstones. It comes along with a chain which is hooked in the hair behind the ear.

Toe rings: For the bride and the married women, toe rings are considered the most important part, as they signify a healthy family.

Payal: They are the Indian version of anklets. They come in great shapes and styles. You can choose thin dainty with two ghongroos or ditch the ghongroos and go for a thick heavy design with embellishments.

Kamarband: This is one of the sexiest Jewellery adorned by the bride. A bride on her wedding day is in best of her skin. Wearing a kamar band and showing off your belly is little you can do to make your man go crazy for you.

Bajuband: This is worn on the arm and is embellished with gemstones. This is non-mandatory Jewellery and can be worn depending on the choice of your choice of your outfit.

Choora: They are the most important part of the Punjabi brides outfit. They are bangles gifted by the maternal uncle before the wedding. Chooras are made of ‘lakh’ and are usually worn in the combination of red and white bangles. They are dipped in milk and then the bride is allowed to wear them. They are not taken off until 2-3 month after the wedding.

Kalire: They are not only the most important Jewellery but also the most beautiful among all. They are tied to chooras and are like danglers hanging. They are in the shape of an umbrella and signify that there should never be a shortage of food in the family. They are in silver and golden in colour and are gifted to the bride by her friends. This signifies best wishes for the bride.

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