Neesh perfumes: Fragrance to remember

"Nothing is more memorable than a fragrance."

Recently, I attended my school reunion party. Initially I didn’t had plans to attend because of busy schedule but then I did my friends insisted and I couldn’t deny. At the party we were chatting about my friends had a crush on me and how I was mad behind our school blue house captain. Suddenly I heard someone calling me from behind and he was none other than school captain whom I had a crush on. He still looks the same, dashing, young, broad chest with dimple smile. He came towards me and asked for a dance, you know I had to say yes. While dancing he told me that he knew I had a crush on him and best part is he remembered my favorite fragrance. In school days I used to wear rose occasionally jasmine and to my surprise my crush knew the brand and the fragrance I used to wear. 

Well that was older times; now that I have grown up I love to explore various fragrances. I came across brand Neesh perfumes. The idea of wearing attar  is very enticing and if it comes as pocket perfumes then this is what you will enjoy carrying and wearing them most. I got a box full of amazing fragrances for women from neesh perfumes. Fragrances come in beautiful glass bottle which usually are difficult to carry in small bags. Pocket fragrances by neesh for women come in 12 different flavours. If you are going on date then you can wear "Attar  E Ishq" or Attar  E Nazakat. For every occasion you find fragrances

As you already know I am big fan of rose and jasmine fragrances so you will always find "Rose E Mohabatt" in my bag. You just need one spray and it stays for long. These fragrances come at super affordable price of just INR350/- which will give you 400 sprays. This means even less than a rupee for a single spray which last good 6-7 hours. I like the fragrances and would suggest you to try these fragrances at least once.

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