Honeymoon Beauty Essentials

The wedding madness might have come to an end for your family and friends. However, for you, it has just started because it is time to plan your honeymoon. We know you are excited to tell your partner about how affectionate you are towards him and this is your chance to spend some quality time with him. Hence, your honeymoon is a special time of your life and something you will never forget.

You want to look your best without trying too hard so pack well and make sure you carry the following things:

1: Sunscreen
 You both will be having a lot of fun on the beach, roaming around holding hands, taking long walks, the works. Remember girl, the sun is going to be right on your head and it will show no mercy. Don’t get carried away. Protect your face and body because sunburns don’t make for good memories. Use a strong sunblock cream with a minimum SPF of 50 to battle UVA & UVB rays.

2:  Makeup remover

You had a great day exploring the scenery with your better half and clicking amazing pictures. What next? It’s time to remove your makeup and let your skin breath. Use a gentle makeup remover and don’t use a product you have not used before. Carrying a bottle of makeup remover with cotton swabs would be travel-friendly. Get yourself a pack of makeup wipes if you are feeling a little lazy on your vacay. They are easy to carry and efficient in cleaning your skin, plus no leaks in your bag.

3: BB Cream
You need sun protection the entire day and the makeup should stay as well, so a BB cream is the best option. This becomes very handy and its application is very easy. This is the magic makeup cream that reduces inflammation and evens out the makeup on your skin tone. This is an all in one product that works as a primer, foundation and a concealer.

4: Dry Shampoo
You don't have time get a head shower? Just sit, relax and use a dry shampoo as a quick fix. This helps to get a fresh look for your hair and it also smells clean. All you have to do is, shake the shampoo bottle gently and spray on to the roots of your hair and you are sorted for the rest of the day.

5: Blotting Paper
Do you have an oily skin? A blotting paper is what you would need to reduce the oiliness. You will be out in sun and the oil production on your face will increase. To refresh your face without removing makeup use a blotting paper.

6: Perfume
A perfume ensures that you smell beautiful and feel good. Carry the fragrance which your partner likes the most, and spray on the nape of your neck, your wrists, and the back of your ears. You should carry a pocket perfume in your bag as well, to smell fresh throughout the day.

7: Hair Styler
We know that you are pretty and we know that you get prettier with different hairstyles. In your vanity bag, carry a hair styler with different attachments, so that you can have different hairstyles every day.

Apart from above list, there are some more essentials like lip balm, classic lipsticks. Want to know the details? Check out the video from Truly bridal by Kalyan Jewellers where Maia Sethna talks about Honeymoon Beauty Essentials.