"A man is incomplete before his marriage, after that he is FINISHED!"
Many people would find the above statement hilarious as there are many jokes made on husband and wife relationship. But for some people, marriage becomes a joke when dowry comes into picture. In Indian culture dowry is strongly supported. No matter what it is, arrange marriage or love marriage, people give and take dowry. This social evil has grown to the level that groom's family have started demanding dowry to the extent it becomes unbearable for bride and her family. Many NGO's are working towards stopping this social evil but they still have a long way to go. To support noble cause of eradicating dowry from our life BIBA has voice their support to make this society free from this social evil.

Recently, I came across a beautiful video by "BIBA-Women apparel brand".  The video talks about changing old tradition of demanding and taking dowry. Plot of the film is : After confirming his son's marriage with a girl, his mother asks him that how times have changed? Earlier parents used to go to a priest to search for a beautiful bride for their son/grandson and then after choosing the girl they used to demand dowry. Girl, whose family offered highest amount of dowry was chosen as bride. Nowadays, Boy and girl choose each other on internet through various websites and then get married. With the changing picture of the world people don’t demand dowry. To this statement her son replied that he had words with the girl's family that instead of asking dowry from they will give dowry to get there beautiful daughter married to their son for lifetime. This #CHANGETHECONVERSATION is need of the hour and #CHANGEISBEAUTIFUL.

I had goose bumps while watching the film. It so sensitive and heart touching that I felt I should get married to a boy whose family has such inspirational values of saying NO TO DOWRY. Even in 20th century we are fighting with social evils that don’t let us grow. When a brand like BIBA, who is part of every women's wardrobe, voice every women's thoughts via such inspirational films then they empower women with indefinite strength. As a women I feel proud to wear BIBA because BIBA knows what I am from within and what I want to be. Check out more inspirational videos on BIBA facebook page here.


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