The wedding madness might have come to an end for your family and friends. However, for you, it has just started because it is time to plan your honeymoon. We know you are excited to tell your partner about how affectionate you are towards him and this is your chance to spend some quality time with him. Hence, your honeymoon is a special time of your life and something you will never forget.

The grand Amazon India Fashion Week for autumn winter 2016 opened with some amazing fashion trends which I am looking forward to. This time collection along with newness and freshness has that little flavor of elegance which will light an urge in your heart of fashion fashion and just fashion. Among the amazing pieces from the collection we have chosen few favorites from collection. We will bring in update of all five days, till then take look at the pictures below:

When we talk about a wedding, it’s all about the bride and somehow we tend to ignore the groom. Though there are limited options available for men when we talk about accessories, yet once styled right, those few options can make a groom look dashing on his D-day. Want to know more about them? Take a look below:

"Nothing is more memorable than a fragrance."

Recently, I attended my school reunion party. Initially I didn’t had plans to attend because of busy schedule but then I did my friends insisted and I couldn’t deny. At the party we were chatting about my friends had a crush on me and how I was mad behind our school blue house captain. Suddenly I heard someone calling me from behind and he was none other than school captain whom I had a crush on. He still looks the same, dashing, young, broad chest with dimple smile. He came towards me and asked for a dance, you know I had to say yes. While dancing he told me that he knew I had a crush on him and best part is he remembered my favorite fragrance. In school days I used to wear rose occasionally jasmine and to my surprise my crush knew the brand and the fragrance I used to wear. 

"A man is incomplete before his marriage, after that he is FINISHED!"
Many people would find the above statement hilarious as there are many jokes made on husband and wife relationship. But for some people, marriage becomes a joke when dowry comes into picture. In Indian culture dowry is strongly supported. No matter what it is, arrange marriage or love marriage, people give and take dowry. This social evil has grown to the level that groom's family have started demanding dowry to the extent it becomes unbearable for bride and her family. Many NGO's are working towards stopping this social evil but they still have a long way to go. To support noble cause of eradicating dowry from our life BIBA has voice their support to make this society free from this social evil.

India is rich in its heritage and culture. Punjab being a state contributes to keeping the legacy untouched. When we talk about fashion trends in India fashion flowing from Punjab has great influence. Today we will be talking about Punjabi fashion in Indian weddings.  Our Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers expert Nikita Mehra will be sharing some amazing ideas that you keep in mind while buying your jewellery.