Wedding must have for best friend

OMG!!! It’s your best friend's wedding! And you are just too excited for it. Not only because of her wedding but also because you are her bridesmaid as well. You have to be there with her all the time and in the case of an emergency like missing Bobbi pins or safety pins, you have to come to her rescue. You know you best friend is going to shine on her big day but you also have to make heads turn around. Today I have a list of items you should carry on your BFF's wedding day.

1: A mini- beauty kit:

This is going to be your ultimate survival on the wedding day. Carry only those lipsticks which go well with your skin colour and will go with many of your dresses. Don't forget to carry a lip balm with you. Since it is your BFF's D-Day, carry extra Bobbi pins and safety pins. Also, some band aids with you. You would also be wearing clothes which have zip to them. They not only give good fitting but also make the attire neat. What if zip stops working or gets broken? So, keep thread and needle with you.

2: Tissue paper and blotting papers:

You are bride's friend and we know you are going to put fire on the dance floor. Remember girl to carry a packet of blotting paper which will absorb excess oil from your skin. Indian weddings are incomplete without tears during rituals. Keep a packet of tissue paper with you, so that tears don't wipe off your makeup.

3: Extra pair of shoes:

It’s your BFF's wedding so you might have to run here and there to arrange things for the bride. Keep a pair of flat jutis or sandals to give your feet some rest. You cannot wear heels all the day, slip into flats when you feel the need.

4: Toothpicks:

A Wedding is a grand event and so is the menu. While being a part of the wedding ceremonies, you tend to eat sweets now and then. Keep some toothpicks in your bag for the bride and yourself. So, when you know a particle of the cupcake is stuck between your teeth you can get rid of it.

5: Power bank:

If your battery drains out at the time of var mala and you can't take pictures of your friend then there is no fun. Keep portable power banks to charge your cell phone as you might not get charging point everywhere.

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