Weddings are incomplete without dance and drama. Because it’s your wedding, the biggest day of your life, it has to be a lot of fun. You have to look your best in the “Sangeet function” where there will be lots of dancing and singing. Today we have some outfit suggestions for sangeet with which you can not only nail your look but also dance as much as you want without any interruptions.

The bride is the centre of attraction of the wedding day. From friends to relatives to in-laws, everyone has a keen eye on her. Jewellery adorned by her is not only appreciated but also the designs are taken as a reference by near and dear ones.  But the jewellery worn by the bride will stay with her as a memory for her life time.
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When you want to know a man's personality take a look at his car as it speaks louder than words.  Guys, do you remember the time when you bought your first car? I do! I was just so excited that my car should have this feature and that look. It should fly like a bird yet be manly like a lion. When we choose a car to make it our “OWN” property there are a couple things which we keep in mind like mileage, looks, comfort and style. In India when I say it’s my car people know it is definitely maruti. Maruti as a brand has evolved over years and is still everyone’s first choice.  Maruti knows what people want in their car. Maruti has Launched “NEXA” their new premium sales channel for people who want to stand out from the crowd.
Weddings are full of love, life and drama. You experience all the colours of life in a wedding. But usually a wedding is focused on a bride and we forget that the wedding is also the most memorable day for the groom. In fact, grooms enjoy the wedding day more than the bride. We always talk about jewellery for women, but what about men? They have an equal right to enjoy wearing accessories. Though there are limited options available for men but you can still make your outfit look grander. Take a look below at the list of accessories with which you can add more colours to your wedding world.

SHOW me your tattoo!! OMG!! The girl has a sexy tattoo! Many of us have experienced the charm of tattoo in some or the other way. Some get it done permanently yet others get a temporary one. Mehandi is temporary tattoo which you can get any time. Though there is no specific time of getting mehandi/temporary tattoo but we usually prefer mehandi application during family gatherings and wedding ceremonies. As the wedding season is in its full colours I am sure you must be enjoying mehandi/ tattoo on your hands. Mehandi is considered auspicious for both bride and groom while performing wedding rituals. Darker the color more intense is the love between the bride and the groom.

OMG!!! It’s your best friend's wedding! And you are just too excited for it. Not only because of her wedding but also because you are her bridesmaid as well. You have to be there with her all the time and in the case of an emergency like missing Bobbi pins or safety pins, you have to come to her rescue. You know you best friend is going to shine on her big day but you also have to make heads turn around. Today I have a list of items you should carry on your BFF's wedding day.

Who is unaware of legendary singer, Lata Mangeshkar, who has sung more than 35000 thousands songs in Indian languages. Perhaps none. But for the first time, a singer Sudhir Ekbote, Director of Fame Advertising Agency from Bhopal has written, composed and sung a song in Hindi as well as in Marathi on nightingale Lata Mangeshkar.

In India marriage is not a single day affair. It’s a process that starts from the day a girl is born. Mother collects jewellery all her life and gifts the best ones to her daughter/daughter-in-law. Before the “BIG day” of a girl’s life arrives, there are a lot many other occasions where the bride has to sizzle and look her best. Sometimes, we tend to ignore our dress and jewellery for functions like mehendi, because marriage rituals get delayed and we just quickly grab the first thing which comes in our hand for a cocktail party. Today, I am going to make your task a little easier, even if you just have 10 minutes to get ready, you would look your best.

The bride dressed in a beautiful yellow sari with red border, hair tied as a bun with gajra must be a Maharashtrian bride. India is rich in heritage and culture and one of the richest cultures is the Maharashtrian culture. They have their own style of celebrating togetherness and love.

Shopping is always so much fun. Recently, I checked out flipkart to shop something which is not only different but also trendy. I had heard a lot about flipkart fashion sale some time back and now was the time to shop from the sale. Flipkart have been my favourite website when I want to shop for electronic items and while checking out there collection in fashion for sale I was happy as ever. They have great stuffs form various brands suiting everyone's pocket. I had shopped couple of things from the website of various brands like Only, Vero Moda, Numero Uno, Aeropostale etc.

Party! Party! Party! We work hard and so we party harder. Dressing up fashion best is need of the hour. Your style talks about your personality and your bag talks about how classy you are. It’s not only your dress which makes you the It-girl but also your choice of clutch.  You know you have that spunk to make the heads turn around then why not all a pinch of glitter by shopping the right party clutch. Take a look at the five clutches from Aran by Shreya to shine out from the crowd.