The Art to picking the right engagement ring for Brides and Grooms.

It’s your wedding!! We understand that you want your wedding to be grand and your wedding shopping to be grander. The first and the most important thing which would come to your mind is ‘choosing the right engagement ring’. Your significant other is going to wear this ring for a lifetime so it should be ‘overwhelming’. Before you make a purchase, consider the following pointers which will help you choose the right engagement ring. 

1: Four Cs:
Diamonds are everyone's favourite. Your partner would feel proud showing off the diamond ring and making her friends feel jealous. Before you buy the perfect ring, remember the four Cs— cut, colour, clarity and carat. When we talk about the CUT, it is determined by how the diamond is shaped. If the diamond is cut too deep or shallow, it will leak light which will reduce its brilliance. A well cut diamond has mirror facets and looks shinny. Colourless stones are most valuable and expensive unless the colour is really rare like red, green, etc. When we talk about clarity of diamonds, lesser the number of inclusion (impurities) it has, the more expensive it gets. Diamonds that are graded in SI1 and SI2 have impurities which are invisible to the naked eye. A diamond with shallow cut may look larger but is of a lower carat value. Higher carat weights increase the rarity of the diamonds. Do your research before spending a bomb on the rings.

2: The Right ring for his/her hand
Every individual has a different physique so our hand sizes vary, too. Before you choose a ring, do keep in mind the shape of your partner’s hands. For example: if your partner has long, thin fingers, then go for bands or large stone ring. If your partner has short, fleshy fingers then go for design which can create a lengthening effect and avoid bands. If your partner has square hands and fingers then go for round shaped rings.

3: How much to invest?
People say two month’s salary is what you should invest but ignoring the tradition what is more important is what kind of stones you want to go for. The engagement ring will stay in your partner’s finger for a lifetime. Even if a solitaire takes your two month’s salary then it is not a bad decision for a lifelong investment.

4: Know your partner's style
Finally you have decided on a couple of factors like your budget, the kind of ring, etc, but this is not enough. Your significant half will be wearing the engagement ring for a lifetime so it should match his/her sense of style. If you don’t find a ring which matches his/her sense of style then you can get the engagement ring customized.

5: Find his/her ring size.
If you are going to shop the ring together then definitely you are not going to face any problem. But yes, if you are planning to surprise her by buying a ring for her then make sure you get the right size. Wrong sized ring will kill the excitement.

Hope these tips help you in choosing the right ring. To know more check out the video here.

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  1. Nicely detailed post. The 4Cs are very important.

  2. Perfect summarized them well in 4C's :)