Fabrics to don this wedding season.

With the wedding season in, designers suggest various fashion trends for brides and grooms. Usually we go to the store, pick up a fabric; ask our tailor to stitch the garment in a specific style. At times we ignore the fact, that choosing a good fabric for our fashionable silhouette is very important. If your wedding is scheduled for a chilly winter evening then you should choose a fabric which will not only keep you warm, but also would be so fashionable that you shine out as bride/groom.

India is a colourful country so are the Indian weddings. This wedding season, you can go out and experiment with as many colours as you want. You can be the mismatched bride/groom and still steal the show, but choosing the right fabric is also important. We are here with suggestions on fabrics which will make you look your fashion best this wedding season.

A wedding dress is made up of a combination of fabrics. A wedding silhouette is categorised broadly into two kinds of fabrics: Structure fabric and a soft fabric. Structure fabric gives structure to your dress like bodice or underskirt and other is soft fabric which is used to add flare to add romance to your outfit. For men we used soft fabrics in anarkali sherwani to add flare to the kurta.

Kinds of structured fabric:

1: Satin:

This fabric is heavy, plain and lustrous. It is known to give a perfect shape to the outfit and natural shine. Works great for outfits worn at smaller wedding rituals and family gatherings. 

2: Organza (Synthetic fiber):

This fabric works for all body types as it is close to chiffon but is slightly stiffer. It works great for overlay embellishments like full skirts, etc. Stones can be added with lace to the fabric to give the traditional Indian look.

3: Silk:

This fabric is comparatively lighter to satin and is smooth and crisp. This gives a true royal look.

Kinds of soft fabric:

1: Chiffon:
This is a very light fabric, transparent and sheen. This fabric works best for destination weddings at warm locations.

2: Georgette:

This fabric is thicker than chiffon yet very light and flowy. It works great for all body shapes and used for wedding gown overlay embellishments.

3: Lace:

To add the perfect touch to your wedding outfit, matching pattern lace is needed. Their weight varies on the basis of the requirement of your outfit.

4: Velvet:

If your wedding is scheduled in winters then velvet will keep you warm inside. It is easy to style and can be combined with other fabrics to give a different look.

You can add a variety of embellishments and embroidery patterns to your silhouette to make it your wedding perfect. You can also mix and match your outfit with your partner to show your love and togetherness for life. To know more about wedding fabric you can check out the video by ‘Truly Bridal by kalyan’ below:


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