Cushion covers from 'house this'

Your home is a place where you want to relax and rejuvenate. My grandmother used to say that home is the place where you find god. A place where you find peace and eternity is decorated with lots of love and care. So, you design each and every part of your home as per your taste and style. Couple of days before I got cushion covers from the brand 'house this' for my room. I had bought bed sheets from the same brand previously from which I have talked about here.

I was impressed by their great collection in bed sheets and I just couldn't hold myself from buying cushion covers. While going through their collection I was impressed by the variety and style. This time I wanted to style y room in contrasting colors. Also I found there cushion cover style in brown little different than the regular ones so I just picked five of them for my mother's bed. This is how it looks like.

You can also use them in your living room as it gives the essence of sophistication. Also the cushion cover is adorned with tassels at the corners which makes it look classy. Product is made of three color threads: cream,brown and back. Three color threads are weaved in such a manner that it gives you feel of mat. It made of cotton and feels soft when touched. The cushion cover can be used to decorate any part of your house, be it living room, bedroom or garden chairs.

The quality of the product is very good, thick and soft. You can also gift the product to your friends and family. I  highly recommend the product as the quality is worth the price. So friends use your imagination and style your home according to your taste.