5 Groom Fashion trends this wedding season

When we talk about weddings we usually talk about the bride. What the bride should wear, what she should do a week before her wedding, etc. There is not much talked about the groom. Don’t you think groom also needs some guidance? He also wants to know how he should get dressed and what the groom fashion trends are this wedding season. Today, I am here with five simple ways in which you can shine as a groom on your wedding day. 

1: Cufflinks:
Cufflinks are the mirror of a man's personality. You can either choose an old classic French cufflinks or may choose superhero ones. If you are the groom who loves to experiment with his look, then funky designs like dice designs or football club are the ones you can try and subtly have fun on your wedding day.

2: Choose colours wisely:
To shine out you should choose the right colour. You can ditch the traditional colours and choose dark purple or deep blue. You can also opt for missmatched suits for you and your groom’s men. You can also avoid looking like a boy band and go for matching cufflinks or bow ties and still look unique.

3: Double breasted jacket and waist coat:
Double breasted jacket and waist coat just never go out of fashion. You can wear a double breasted suit with gold buttons and get ready for the wedding. A very clean cut, tailored jacket which is just a perfect suave for the groom is just what you need on your wedding day. You can also go for an old fashion gentleman like ensemble if you want be the sophisticated groom on your wedding day.

4: Prints:
Printed suits have been in demand since the last wedding season and this wedding season, it’s one of the favourite mismatched groom attires. These days couples believe in making their wedding special and unique by deciding everything from decor to their outfits. Grooms opt for mismatched suits and bright colour suits to showcase their sense of personality and uniqueness. For your groomsmen party, you can choose bright colour suits or in prints to give the party your flavour.

5: Roll necks: 
Under your traditional Armani suit you can choose to do a modern twist to the old by wearing the ever loved styled staple roll neck T-shirt inside. This new trend has been seen on the runway this year and is gaining popularity. These high necks give a sense of dimension and sophistication to your look. A polished rolled neck with blazers gives you the Siberian winter edge look. This not only helps you look modern, stylish and confident, but also keeps you warm at your chilly winter wedding reception.

Well, there is lots more to add to groom wedding saga. If you want to know more then check out the video by 'Truly bridal by Kalyan'. Share this tip with your groom friends so that they can make their wedding memorable one. Check out the video below:


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