With the wedding season in, designers suggest various fashion trends for brides and grooms. Usually we go to the store, pick up a fabric; ask our tailor to stitch the garment in a specific style. At times we ignore the fact, that choosing a good fabric for our fashionable silhouette is very important. If your wedding is scheduled for a chilly winter evening then you should choose a fabric which will not only keep you warm, but also would be so fashionable that you shine out as bride/groom.

"Marriage is when a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gets her Master’s Degree."

Agree?? Some people would agree to this and some won’t. Indian culture strongly supports arrange marriages. In an arrange marriage, parents introduce their girl to the boy and his family. The girl is married to the boy if his family approve her. Usually, the girl is not even given a choice of saying yes or no. Even if she likes or dislikes the boy, she is married to him. But, today things are changing. Some girls are now given choice to choose a boy of their dreams. This #ChangeIsBeautiful. 

Your home is a place where you want to relax and rejuvenate. My grandmother used to say that home is the place where you find god. A place where you find peace and eternity is decorated with lots of love and care. So, you design each and every part of your home as per your taste and style. Couple of days before I got cushion covers from the brand 'house this' for my room. I had bought bed sheets from the same brand previously from jabong.com which I have talked about here.

When we talk about weddings we usually talk about the bride. What the bride should wear, what she should do a week before her wedding, etc. There is not much talked about the groom. Don’t you think groom also needs some guidance? He also wants to know how he should get dressed and what the groom fashion trends are this wedding season. Today, I am here with five simple ways in which you can shine as a groom on your wedding day. 

Pullovers! It is the only thing you need in cold winters. Just Pull-over and you get sorted. As winters come we usually run out of options to wear and look fashionable. What about just pullover and get sorted? Today I am here with review of pullovers from new brand named skatti. Men always complain for having limited dressing options as compared to women. Skatti offers huge variety in pullovers for men. So men will not complain anymore seeing the range skatti has to offer. I picked two pullovers from the collection for my father and brother.
Hello Beauties, 
As winters are its full bloom your skin needs more little more care and attention than usual. If your skin is very sensitive then following daily skin care treatment becomes a task. What if you you get goodness of ayurveda in your soap which not only keeps your skin moisturized also softens  your skin naturally. Today I am going to talk about medimix soap which is my favorite since I was in my teens. Medimix is a medicated soap which is even advised by dermatologist for naturally beautiful skin. 

It’s your wedding!! We understand that you want your wedding to be grand and your wedding shopping to be grander. The first and the most important thing which would come to your mind is ‘choosing the right engagement ring’. Your significant other is going to wear this ring for a lifetime so it should be ‘overwhelming’. Before you make a purchase, consider the following pointers which will help you choose the right engagement ring. 

As your wedding date is coming closer, the level of excitement is getting higher. With all the stress that comes your way during the planning, don’t forget to choose the right choli style for each look you are planning for your wedding ceremonies. Oops! You haven't decided, yet?

You are the bride to be and Kalyan Jewellers will be your lucky mascot.  Remember, we told you about ‘Truly Bridal by Kalyan’, a YouTube channel where panel of stylists and bloggers will assist you to make your wedding a perfect one. You can check the channel ‘Truly Bridal by Kalyan’ here -->LINK!

On their YouTube channel they have introduced their panel of stylist and bloggers. Excited to meet them??

Marriage is not a one day affair. It is a promise for love of togetherness for a lifetime. Your wedding day is truly special where your friends and family put their heart and soul in it to make it the best day of your life. Wedding preparations are time consuming yet the most exciting part of the event. Every bride wants to look her best on her “Big day” from head to toe. She has her eye on everything be it the bridal dress or shoes or jewellery. Usually brides select their ‘shaadi ka jora’ (bridal dress) first and then go hunting for jewellery which becomes hectic as most of the brides don’t find jewellery of their choice which goes with the dress. But this bridal season there won’t be any such sad stories because Kalyan Jewellers have their team of stylist and bloggers to assist you and help you choose the best.
"I want to die with my blue jeans on!"

When you want to wear something which is comfortable what comes to your mind is DENIMS!! Denim have been my best friend since ages. I just cant think about a day without denims. I am sure your love towards denims would be same. When you have huge variety of denims in your wardrobe and you still want to buy another pair of denims then it has to be different and fashionable at same time.