Tissot: All You Need to Know About the Touch Collection

In today’s discerning world, technology and fashion go hand in hand. Lines are blurring between the two. And luxury watches have always been ahead of the rest with regard to merging utility with style.

Watches aren’t just gadgets that tell time. They have certainly become an extension of personal style. The Tissot Touch Collection flawlessly combines design with functionality. This utilitarian timepiece is a versatile companion for any activity - from trekking trips in the woods to attending a fancy party. Love taking exhilarating nature walks in the woods? Then this deluxe timepiece will be your faithful friend on your adventure trips. These luxury sports watches from Touch Collection by Tissot will make sure you make it home in time for dinner.

The Tissot Touch Collection on Ethos offers an array of options for men and women based on different themes and usage levels. Introduced by Tissot in 1999, the Touch Collection is the world’s first tactile watch, which boasts of a touchscreen and a combination of analog and digital display. These dynamic pieces from Tissot integrate touchscreen crystals into the construction of the watch, which act as an interactive interface for their diverse functionalities.

This multi-utility, luxury range has continually evolved since its introduction through its innovative designs and functions. Some of the popular watches added to the series over the time include the Sailing-Touch, Sea-Touch, and T-Touch Expert. Tissot also unveiled the world’s first tactile watch powered by solar energy in 2014 with its T-Touch Solar series.

Each series in this Touch collection has its own USP and design, depending upon the theme. Some of the common tactile functions available across all the categories include a compass, altimeter, barometer, chronograph, and thermometer. You can use the chronograph to measure lap times of a runner with a precision of a hundredth of a second and determine directions through its compass - truly extraordinary! Here are some of the revolutionary tactile watches from this collection:

Tissot Touch Silen-T

These sophisticated watches from the Touch Collection tell time through silent vibrations. As one doesn’t need to look at it to know the time, these watches are the ideal companion for both busy businessmen and sight-impaired people. Their cutting-edge precision and effective vibrations will let you know the time discretely just by touch and feel.    
Tissot Sea-Touch

Tissot Sea-Touch, specially designed for divers and swimmers, offers precise functionality up to extreme depths like 330 ft underwater. Through its sophisticated touch screen crystal, you can use all its diverse functions, which include a digital chronograph, thermometer, compass, diver’s logbook, and depth indicator. Integrated with high-end patented technology, the Tissot Sea-Touch ensures premium-quality performance. (Read a review here.)

Tissot T-Touch Expert

Crafted for professional mountaineers and skiers, this range combines state-of-art technology and pragmatic easy-to-use features. The perfect option for an adventure junkie, watches in this category offer 15 separate functions, which can be activated simply by touching the screen.

As an extreme sports enthusiast, you will love some of its tactile features that include an altimeter, altimeter difference meter, chronograph, compass, and thermometer. You can also access the barometer, perpetual calendar, timer, and backlight.

Tissot Sailing Touch

This nautical-themed sports watch comprises of an extensive list of tactile features such as meteorological forecasting ability, a tide calculator, and a regatta countdown. Sailing Touch boasts of a bi-material bracelet with a safety clip, which is suitable for wet weather. The maritime theme is evident not only in the watch’s features but also in the design of the entire series. The cleat-shaped pushers and the intelligent colour combinations will certainly strike the fancy of the sailor in you. The models for women in this series are embellished with 19 sparkling diamonds, ensuring that they add some glamour to your wardrobe.


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