Chitra is going to be a mother and her husband Gaurav is super excited to welcome the new member in the family. Gaurav earns enough to fulfill the basic needs of his family but spending beyond need is difficult for him. In such a situation when there is a new member in family extending budget is beyond capacity. So he decided to pledge gold against money to make sure that the little one and his wife stay safe and healthy. This little move will bring happiness to his family and give them a financial support.

Life is always unpredictable. Bad times don’t inform before they come. Once, while playing cricket, Kapil met with an accident. His hand got hurt badly and he had to rush to the hospital immediately. In such a situation Kapil’s mother took some cash and gold jewellery bag with her. Usually we don’t prefer keeping cash of one lakh rupees at home but a gold necklace of the same value finds a place in the locker. Kapil was operated and now he is safe and sound. If in that situation his mother would not have gold then things might not have been as good as of today. Kapil’s mother pledged gold against money to save his life using Muthoot gold loans.
Life becomes easy when you have a door open, an option which helps you fix things and make things back to normal. Muthoot gold loan is one such option where you can get money at subsidized interest rates. This loan is easy to issue and easy to re-pay.

You can’t predict the future and at times you might not be prepared for it. In such times Muthoot gold loans turn out to be a great option where they help you to come out of the situation without losing anything. You can easily get back gold (even in form of jewelry) you mortgage against money in the same condition as you submitted. With Muthoot gold loan as an option you can relive feelings attached to gold once you repay the loan which might not be possible if you decide to sell the gold ornaments to jeweler for money.


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