Give your bathroom contemporary look

When we design interior of our house to make it home we often miss the most important part and that is choosing the right furniture for bathroom. Bathroom furniture has evolved over the years. Earlier, bathroom furniture used to be space consuming and now they are compact and elegant. Today I am going to talk about what furniture options are available and how can they be used to remodel your bathroom.

Tap Body
We experience all seasons so does water. In summers we need cold water and in winters we need hot water. A tap body should be chosen keeping the requirement in mind. Also before choosing a tab body you should keep in mind kind of pressure is required. Style of the tap is one important feature which cannot be missed. If your bathroom is small size then choosing a bag tap body might not go with the interiors. Kylis has extraordinary collection in tap body to suit your need. It embodies illustrious looks in chrome finish exquisite designs. Trust me you will fall in love them.

Today's toilets have come a long way from old bulky designs to compact designs. It’s time to upgrade your old toilet with huge water guzzling tanks to new elegant design from Kylis. It has combination of style and geometric design which is compact and leaves ample space for movement.

Beautiful Basins
One of the most used items in a bathroom is basin. A basin usually reminds me of huge wooden cabinet above with mirror and vanity unit meeting the floor. How about installing a distinctive corporate designed basin with no actual vanity unit which gives sense of cleanliness.. Kylis from hindware brings you range of curved basins with modern designs and minimalistic features.

Wall Space
Although you might not have much wall space in your bathroom but you can still make good use of the space. You can put towel rings one above the other vertically instead of wasting long horizontal space. This way you will not make it look different but also in a cleverly save space.


  1. Nice post. Wish I could have a bathroom like this.

  2. OMG .. that is one Dream Bathroom to have, One day perhaps :) . Happy Diwali
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