Beat The Dark Circles With These Top 5 Under Eye Creams

Lots of things cause dark circles under the eyes, and while some of them are preventable, others are not. Many websites, including, list the causes of dark circles as:

·         Age

·         Fatigue

·         Allergies

·         Smoking (including secondary)

·         Eating salt

·         Water retention

·         Heredity

Shreya Iyer of The Times of India suggests a few home remedy suggestions involving tomatoes, grated potatoes, cold tea bags and orange juice. In the interest of reducing stress, Iyer says to try yoga and meditation.

Some other common home remedies includelying down and putting cucumber slices, mint juice or cold milk on the eyelids. Of course, many dietary deficiencies can add to dark circles. If getting plenty of rest and water are not enough, there are several creamsthat can help get rid of dark circles.

Vichy Liftactiv Retinol Ha Eyes

This cream helps with moisturizing the skin, absorbs fast, and reduces wrinkles, according to Gio of Beautiful With Brains. This Vichy product targets people age 30 to 40. It’s kind of an entry-level cream because it is so mild. There is very little alcohol in this cream, so it should not irritate sensitive skin. Besides Retinyl Palmitate, Liftactiv also contains dimethicone. Gio says this type of silicone can fill in lines and wrinkles quickly. The shea butter in the cream helps seal in moisture.

Besides being mild, Vichy Liftactiv Retinol Ha Eyes is a good product to start off with because it’s easy to use and produces fast results.

Lotus Herbals NutraeyeEye Gel

Although Lotus Herbals Nutraeye is a gel, it goes on much like a cream. Ibh of Indian Beauty Hub says the gel is clear and light but takes a little longer than cream to apply. The gel contains wheat protein, soy bio peptides and rice bran extract in addition to vitamins A and E.

According to Taps of Makeup and Beauty, after a few days of using the gel, the appearance of fine lines diminished after a few days. Taps also reports the product lightened the dark circles around the eyes with regular use. With twice-daily use, the gel lasted Taps about a month.

Olay Total Effects 7-In-1

This cream will make the skin around the eyes look brighter and protects against the harmful effects of the sun.The other benefits the product provides are wrinkle reduction, lighter dark circles, less puffiness, even skin tone, increased exfoliation and softer skin.

ShailjaVashisht of A Bride Everyday, likes that the product because it does not clog pores. Vashisht says the cream makes skin look firm, is not sticky and travels well.

Only a small amount of the cream is needed for the whole face, but additional sunscreen may be needed.

Anshulika Chawla of Road 2 Beauty reports her skin is brighter, more even and tighter, thanks to Olay Total Effects. She says the cream works with most skin types and is a great product to start with.

Shahnaz HusainShasmooth

Almond oil is a common home remedy for dark circles under the eyes, according to Health Before using it or a product containing it, consumers should make sure they are not allergic to nuts.

Shinedine blogged aboutShasmooth Almond Under Eye Creamand said it is a heavy cream, which can be removed after 15 minutes. According to the Shahnaz Husain website, the cream contains extracts of fennel, almond, carrot seed all of which are blended with vitamin E. The purpose of the product is to lighten dark circles under the eyes and smooth wrinkles.  

Biotique Bio Almond Eye Cream

This cream is lighter than Shasmooth Almond so itcan be worn overnight or depending on one’s complexion, during the day.Srishti Mishra of Feminiya said the cream did remove puffiness around the eyes and lighten dark circles under the eyes when she tried it.She said only a small needs to be used in the morning and before going to bed to see results. 

Oils the cream contains include nutmeg, almond, sunflower seed and quince seed.In a review of the cream, Stri on her blog Strilishtalks, said she saw a reduction in eye puffiness after one use. Other positive effects were noticeable after one week, and she only used it as an overnight cream.

Not everyone has the same skin type or lives in the same environment. It may take some experimentation before finding the best under eye cream for each individual, so check out the Big Chemist website for more information about the above products and others.

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