5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Fashion Weeks

If fashion resonates in your soul, chances are you will be found strolling either inside or outside one of the many fashion week events that take place across the globe. Being a fashion aficionado, you must surely know the amount of effort that goes into orchestrating a glamorous, high-profile event.

Here’s a sneak-peek at what goes on behind-the-scenes. 

It’s Not Just a Week
The first thing you need to know about these captivating shows, is that they don’t just happen over seven days. It takes months. Sometimes an entire year to plan the stage, music, and light production... It’s not just designing outfits but also the entire visual set that makes for an impactful show to support the awe-inspiring designs of the night. To bring in the right audience for each show, a panel of professionals are extensively involved in months of advertising and marketing.

More the Glamour, More the Grit

If you think that running a fashion show is a piece of cake, you are certainly mistaken. Models are not the only ones who break their back for the success of the show. There are craftsmen, artisans, and weavers who put in months of hard work to create a multitude of outfits ready for the ramp. And let’s not forget the directors and choreographers who pre-plan and work nights to make sure your starry night is a night to remember.

Trendspotting Is Not the Only Thing to Do

Yes, spotting the next trend is one of the incentives of attending a fashion show. But you don’t have to loyally sit yourself down on the front seat for the entire show. That can get monotonous and tiring. To get the best out of a fashion show, you must be proactive. Mingle with the crowd, meet other interesting people and binge on the free food! You might just get to meet your favoritecelebrities or if not so lucky, you’re less favorite celebrities. If you do spot your dreamy star, twinkling amidst the crowd, drop your bagel and approach with caution. Seriously, drop the bagel. 

You Got to Work to Party
If you think a fashion show is just another party, then you’re at the wrong party. Everyone at a show has a significant role to play. Even the guests sitting on the front row are present to gain insights into the ever-changing trends of the fashion world. The models spend hours getting their makeup and hair ready. The designer’s and their assistants help each model fit into the clothes, while the production team takes care of the entire look and flow of the show.

But, there’s always a party at the end of each event. Just make sure you get invited to one.

Many Shows, Less Insights
We’ve all heard the saying, ‘The more, the better’. It doesn’t really apply for fashion weeks. If you plan on attending a lot of shows, chances are you might just lose the essence of it.

For instance, to get a better gist of the current trends attend just couture events or events that are really popular. Know the schedule for the entire fashion week beforehand to plan your time accordingly. With so many shows happening across the country and globe, you can be rest assured that you will get ample opportunities to have a great time. And while having great time, you must
look your gorgeous best for the upcoming fashion week season by choosing just the right outfit from Rediff Shopping. So are you all set to get clicked?


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