"People will stare, make it worth there while." 

Close friend's wedding! Confused? what to wear? Today I am here with Indian Ethnic Bridesmaid look. You must have heard the song proper patola by Diljit , today's look is about how you could be "Proper Patola". Scroll down for more pictures. 

People say beauty lies in eyes of beholder and I say beauty is realizing you are the beholder. Beauty brings confidence and vivel promises you beautiful skin with there new range of products. Yesterday, Vivel organised a session "Skin love with kareena". Here Actress Kareena Kapoor answered questions related to skin and beauty.

Jennifer Lopez is the style icon who everyone wants to follow. She looked breathtaking at AMA after party in Los Angles. She accessorized her look with Swarovski's  Nirvana Star Stingray Bag which just added more stars to her.

When you move out to shop a garment from a store what comes first is comfort and next comes style. Many a times style goes to stake and we choose comfort over style. But now that aeropostale is in town you don't have to compromise on style with comfort.  American youth brand is here with huge variety which is so young and fresh that every one is going to simply love the collection. Actress Sonam kapoor inaugrated the store.

Beauty might have many colours but beauty is not always god gifted, sometimes it is achieved! It is achieved by intense care of your skin. When it comes to taking care of your face we are very conscious and when it comes to body, hand and foot, why are we careless here? Today I am going to talk about Plu scrub for body, hand and foot. I have used the product for a month now and the results are very nice. 

Fashion is an instant language. You can talk your personality with fashion. Just wearing fashionable clothes is not enough, what is important is wearing them right. We are here to #PlayupStyle with our first look post in men category- John Players A/W15 collection which offers a delightful range in vibrant hues.

It’s well said: "A penny saved is a penny earned." But in difficult time the penny you saved is not enough. Life is all about ups and down, twist and turns and a person has to deal with all the situations smartly. In difficult times, life wants more from you and to help you come out of such situation, Muthoot Gold Loans can be a great resort. Pledge your gold against money hassle free with Muthoot Finance.

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Dear Beauties,

Firstly Happy Diwali to all the beautiful ladies. without wasting time winners of the giveaway are:

1: Sumita Kapoor
2: Aaparna Puri

Congratulations to the winners! Those who didn't win the giveaway, don't loose heart as we are coming up with another giveaway soon.




When we design interior of our house to make it home we often miss the most important part and that is choosing the right furniture for bathroom. Bathroom furniture has evolved over the years. Earlier, bathroom furniture used to be space consuming and now they are compact and elegant. Today I am going to talk about what furniture options are available and how can they be used to remodel your bathroom.

Chitra is going to be a mother and her husband Gaurav is super excited to welcome the new member in the family. Gaurav earns enough to fulfill the basic needs of his family but spending beyond need is difficult for him. In such a situation when there is a new member in family extending budget is beyond capacity. So he decided to pledge gold against money to make sure that the little one and his wife stay safe and healthy. This little move will bring happiness to his family and give them a financial support.
In today’s discerning world, technology and fashion go hand in hand. Lines are blurring between the two. And luxury watches have always been ahead of the rest with regard to merging utility with style.

Watches aren’t just gadgets that tell time. They have certainly become an extension of personal style. The Tissot Touch Collection flawlessly combines design with functionality. This utilitarian timepiece is a versatile companion for any activity - from trekking trips in the woods to attending a fancy party. Love taking exhilarating nature walks in the woods? Then this deluxe timepiece will be your faithful friend on your adventure trips. These luxury sports watches from Touch Collection by Tissot will make sure you make it home in time for dinner.

The Tissot Touch Collection on Ethos offers an array of options for men and women based on different themes and usage levels. Introduced by Tissot in 1999, the Touch Collection is the world’s first tactile watch, which boasts of a touchscreen and a combination of analog and digital display. These dynamic pieces from Tissot integrate touchscreen crystals into the construction of the watch, which act as an interactive interface for their diverse functionalities.

This multi-utility, luxury range has continually evolved since its introduction through its innovative designs and functions. Some of the popular watches added to the series over the time include the Sailing-Touch, Sea-Touch, and T-Touch Expert. Tissot also unveiled the world’s first tactile watch powered by solar energy in 2014 with its T-Touch Solar series.

Each series in this Touch collection has its own USP and design, depending upon the theme. Some of the common tactile functions available across all the categories include a compass, altimeter, barometer, chronograph, and thermometer. You can use the chronograph to measure lap times of a runner with a precision of a hundredth of a second and determine directions through its compass - truly extraordinary! Here are some of the revolutionary tactile watches from this collection:

Tissot Touch Silen-T

These sophisticated watches from the Touch Collection tell time through silent vibrations. As one doesn’t need to look at it to know the time, these watches are the ideal companion for both busy businessmen and sight-impaired people. Their cutting-edge precision and effective vibrations will let you know the time discretely just by touch and feel.    

If fashion resonates in your soul, chances are you will be found strolling either inside or outside one of the many fashion week events that take place across the globe. Being a fashion aficionado, you must surely know the amount of effort that goes into orchestrating a glamorous, high-profile event.

Here’s a sneak-peek at what goes on behind-the-scenes. 
Lots of things cause dark circles under the eyes, and while some of them are preventable, others are not. Many websites, including SeasonsIndia.com, list the causes of dark circles as:

·         Age

·         Fatigue

·         Allergies

·         Smoking (including secondary)

·         Eating salt

·         Water retention

·         Heredity

Diwali is festival of lights and the biggest festival in India. We shop, we enjoy and spread happiness. As the festive season is in its full color who wouldn't like to shop for there near and dear ones. I am planing to gift my father a new phone this Diwali. Shhh..... its a secret I will gift him on Diwali. While searching for a good phone I was so confused which one to buy and which one to skip. Then I came to know about Zenfone 2 Laser which I feel is promising.
Since childhood we have been taught to be self-sufficient. Make investments to create a second source. Everyone is not so fortunate to have a huge family backup to support and provide funds to start up a new venture all together. Here Muthoot gold loan turns out to be a great option. Muthoot gold loan is not only easy to take but also easy to repay at affordable interest rates. Gold loan interest rate is lesser than personal loan.
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