All About you from Deepika Padukone in association with myntra

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes.”
Agree Girls??
When I enter a store to buy apparel then the first thing which comes to mind is it should be different. It’s been so many years of shopping like crazy but I could not find a brand which I could trust blindly on, that this brand will offer me that something different all the time which will always make heads turn. But now I feel that the hunt for one such brand is over. The brand is none other than “All about you from Deepika Padukone”.

The actress spent nine months to design the collection in collaboration with French design agency Carlin and Myntra’s in-house designing team. The actress modelled the brand on her own fashion preferences and off screen fashion choices to make it relatable to young women.

As you all know that Deepika Padukone is the actress who is known for her style and class. She is also considered next to goddess of beauty and grace. She has come up with apparel brand named “All about you” in association with myntra. During the launch of this event she explained: “It is so important to be what you are portraying your inner self. All about you is about what you are internally. It’s not only about being comfortable in your clothes but also about being you wearing them”. Her designs were more touching then her words and did complete justice.

I always wished I could illegally download clothes. But with a brand like “All about you” I can easily get something which is fun, comfortable, feminine, and romantic. Talking about the collection it is perfect blend of style elements like lace, embroidery tulles, shine & sequins. The collection has floral prints and pastel colours that will make you look younger. Want to shop from the collection?? Quickly open myntra application in your cell phones, go through the collection and shop the garment which appeals the most to you because 
“It's ….. all about you”.


  1. I'm loving Deepika's collection for Myntra, they have some lovely printed stuffs
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