Hair styling session with Denver Beer shampoo

Suffering from damaged hair? Want to cut them short? When we suffer from damaged hair the only way out is cutting them short. What if we prevent hair from getting damaged? Today I will be talking about Denver beer shampoo which is not only going to make your clean and fresh but also makes your hair smooth and shinny.
Some time back I was invited to a saloon for hair wash and styling session with Denver beer shampoo. The best part of this shampoo is you don't need a conditioner to make your hairs smooth and silky. Just one hair wash and you are sorted, no frizzy hair no damaged hair. At the event we were invited to get a hair wash post to which was hair styling session. My hair stylist choose to make curls which was going with my outfit very well. 

Take a look at the pre- hair wash pictures and post hair wash and styling. 

About Denver:
DENVER, a leading brand in the deodorant and personal care space for men, has now entered the shampoo and hair care space with Beer Shampoo. Hair care has never been this simple. Denver Beer Shampoo is designed to fit into any scalp and conveniently turns bathing into an easy one-step process of cleansing and conditioning with a blend of naturally derived ingredients while also helping conserve water at the same time. With this new product Denver is promoting the idea of conditioning without a conditioner.

Its been five to six washes of my hair in last two weeks with Denver beer shampoo and I am pretty convinced with the result. The product works to what it claims. You can definitely try this out as its pocket friendly and comes with goodness of real beer.


  1. Sounds good, would love to try it out <3
    Kisses <3

  2. I have heard that beer shampoos are great for hair...but I haven't tried any yet...