Have you taken #Airtel4GSpeedTest

Internet has always been that magic box which you can access at any point of time. Its the speed which marks the efficiency of the magic box. Till date India was pretty satisfied with 3G speed but hunger of faster internet browsing will be there always. Hence Airtel has come up with 4G speed for faster browsing of internet.

Airtel has been one of the most trusted service provider since more than a decade. Airtel has always believed in delivering the best at pocket friendly prices. As we have entered the new age of digital boom where we are connected with each other in fraction of seconds but that was yesterday with 3G internet speed. India moving to 4G from 3G now we connect in milliseconds. Airtel is the first service provider India which offers 4G speed. 

We all know 2G is a hiccup and 3G is still not that good but now what Airtel has to offer us with 4G is amazing speed at same price point. Come on lets check how quickly will an application download on 2G, 3G and 4G. Here, I download Instagram on 2G,3G and 4G network. You have to follow following steps to know the speed:

I have tweeted @AirtelIndia #Airtel4GSpeedTest Instagram Beta. Simply surprised by seeing the results. Take a look at the results below:

It's time to switch to faster browsing speed and enjoy the luxury of staying connected with the world in just no time. 


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