Make a Wish today!

"Make a wish today to make a new impression"

In this small world we want many things, some we get easily and for some we need to put in a little more effort. The ones we don't get immediately are added to our long wish list which some day, we hope will get fulfilled.

Cosmetics are always in every girl's wish list, sometimes lipstick, sometimes glitter nail paint, sometimes foundation. Foundation reminds me of a close friend whose wish got fulfilled- the wish for the perfect selfie- after buying foundation of her favourite brand from flipkart. The colour of the foundation reminded me of a pretty dress which is in my wish list that I was waiting for the right time to buy.

Now it’s time I move the dress from my wish list to my cart. The dress is a SAREEGOWN!

I and my friend
I have a close friend's wedding to attend in near future. When we were kids we used to fight, cry, love, eat and do everything together. Playing with dolls and dressing them up was our favorite game. Our first crush was actor Milind Soman and we used to fight over who is going to get him. Now years have passed and we have our beautiful memories to cherish. She has found her Milind Soman in a guy who will keep her happy and my wishes are with her. May be I find my Milind Soman at her wedding. Fingers crossed! 

Not just to find my dream guy, I also want to wear something classy, elegant and Indian. It will be get together of all old friends after a long time I want to look my most fashionable and my best. I feel every Indian wedding is incomplete without a saree and I want to add little western touch to this saree. The color of the outfit blends in to my skin making the look graceful yet sexy. It has pretty embroidery which adds four stars to it.

After I wear the outfit I am pretty sure many heads will turn. The best part of this dress is I don't need jewellery to accessorize it.

Like my wish I am sure you too have wish you want to fulfill. A wish which would make you smile, a wish which may open  door of new possibility, a wish which might bring a sweet smile on someone face, a wish which might be a new start. Let’s be a part of the wish chain. Check out this video #AbHarWishHogiPoori