Customized denim by IML jeans

"I believe life is too short for compromises and BAD fitting jeans."

I love wearing jeans any time and for any occasion. Its just so easy to style them and look absolutely fashionable in them. Just little tweaks here and there and you are ready to set fire. When it comes to jeans you have every other variety of jeans in your wardrobe and in color is mostly blue. But have you ever thought of playing around with your jeans and making it much more that a style statement? No? IML: It's my life jeans will make your jeans fashion statement. 

Recently, I was invited to The Young Star Academy where we were asked to bring our old denim and IML will give it a new look. So I got my old slim fit jeans and I had so many options to pick and choose and style my old denim. I choose to get a patch on right thigh of my jeans. Since my jeans is deep blue color so color of the patch is orange with dark green prints of gun. On pockets I had lace work done. Since there were tailors to quickly do the changes so I there and then. I had almost discarded this jeans and thought I would not wear it any more, but after this new look I am going to wear it even more.

New Look of my slim fit pack work jeans
I like the whole idea of personalized jeans as it gives you freedom to style your denim. You have the liberty to choose thread work, or patch work or ripped jeans on slim fit or straight fit or any other style jeans. You can choose fabrics, color of threads etc. IML provides you your personalized jeans at your door step. If you want your jeans you can check out their website at

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