I have enough shoes and clothes... Said no girl ever! And now increasing craze of shopping online is making men shop madly for them. Many of my friends complain that they hardly find something different for men to shop. Its same regular stuff everywhere. But today I will be talking about an online shopping portal which not only has products for men which are different from regular products but also deliver quality. Name of the shopping website is TheGStreet.com.

Watermelon Punch


  1. Watermelon Pulp 3-Cup
  2. Lemon juice 3-table spoon
  3. Water 1/4-cup Chilled
  4. Black Salt 1/2table spoon
  5. Mint Powder 1/4 table spoon
  6. Black Pepper 1/2 table spoon
  7. sugar 2 table spoon
  8. Ice 2-tray
  9. Soda water/ Lemon soda
  1. Mix all the ingredients in Mixer/juice except soda water.
  2. Now transfer the liquid to a pitcher and remove the residue.
  3. Now add soda water/lemon Soda and serve.
  4. You may add more ice. 

This drink hydrates body and you will feel fresh.
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Hello beauties,

Its time to PARTYYYYY!!!! Yeah! We all are always ready to party and enjoy up to the fullest. At the same time we have to look gorgeous. This time fab bag has come up with RED CARPET BAG which will make you party ready in just no time. Before I open the bag and reveal the mystery let talk about the bag first. This month's fab bag is not only a bag but a clutch which is golden in color. I like the texture and finish of the clutch. I can carry it to party and add statement to the outfit.

"Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes."

Your hair is your best accessory... Color it up!

We all agree that your hair can make or break the complete look. There are some good and some BAD hair days. When it comes to coloring hair then it becomes utmost important to take care. It's usually said that hair color damages hair making them rough, dry and dull. Today I will be talking about the hair color which will not only give great color and texture to your hair but also nourish it with goodness of coconut. I will be talking about Godrej Nupur coconut henna hair crème

Some time back my friend suggested me this product and I could not wait to try it. My hair is dry and dull, so after hair color I have to nourish my hair properly which makes the color wash off my hair sooner. But results with Nupur Coconut Henna Hair crème are amazing.

Hello Beauties, 
If you’re like me you probably love basking in the warm sun but dread that tan. Can you imagine if you could have the best of both worlds?

Well, sometimes dreams do come true! A couple of days ago my friend told me about a new tan remover cream called Spinz Sun Tan Remover. I was super excited to use it because the summer had not been kind to my skin.  What attracted me most was that the cream is not bleach based but works as a face pack that you apply for 5 minutes. Now, I don't have to worry about going to a parlor and get de-tanning facial instead you can get same results with this product at home.

"I believe life is too short for compromises and BAD fitting jeans."

I love wearing jeans any time and for any occasion. Its just so easy to style them and look absolutely fashionable in them. Just little tweaks here and there and you are ready to set fire. When it comes to jeans you have every other variety of jeans in your wardrobe and in color is mostly blue. But have you ever thought of playing around with your jeans and making it much more that a style statement? No? IML: It's my life jeans will make your jeans fashion statement. 

Yes I Sing in my Car….
Yes I know you can see me…
Cars are my weakness. I love to just drive and go traveling long distances having no clue of what’s next. Why? Because my car gives me comfort, my space, it’s like my own little world, my empty box. Recently, I was invited for “Hangout with Honda” where in third generation of Jazz was showcased. Firstly, the caaaarrrrr….. looks great. It’s a family car for new generation as Honda new jazz has looks of a sports car. Secondly, it’s SPACIOUS!! I can spread my legs and feel relaxed and comfortable even after long drives.

"Make a wish today to make a new impression"

In this small world we want many things, some we get easily and for some we need to put in a little more effort. The ones we don't get immediately are added to our long wish list which some day, we hope will get fulfilled.